Eternal Sea #6 (2)


The background of the The Eternal Sea of Creativity book is that during one of my many moves (33 and counting) I found several files with a variety of poems, some quotes on cards, and notes from some prior saliencies into such topics as creativity, happiness, and the latest in quantum physics research and philosophy. These were retrieved from the trash barrel, as the concept of putting them ‘out there’ in some format came to mind. The result was a book published in 2011 through Amazon. I wanted to update that book, delete some things, and add some drawings, comments, and organization. This is what is now on the website. 

Amazon ~ The Eternal Sea of Creativity

“The Eternal Sea of Creativity” is a potpourri of incentive quotes, openings to the world of quantum physics, and a lot of poems I hope will touch one or more bases in your mind, heart, and/or soul.

I have invited a friend, Mary Lou Quinn, to contribute art work.


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