This thing;
This idea;
This concept; This relationship;
This work.

There was:
No present;
This IS – and
This ISN’T – Before:
It never was here or there.

No boundaries;
No margins;
No form;

No past;
No future;
No age;
No existence —
All was potential.

Then . . .
It was conceived;
A push and a pull;
It became;
It existed and exists. 

It came from
The raison d’etre
Of why we are here.
It emerged from
The Eternal Sea of Creativity. 
It came and entered
Into your and my life.
“I” put it here.
It is beautiful.  

Arthur Rashap

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There remains, then, some poems that seem to want to be included in this work. I did eliminate a fair number from the original book that I felt no longer worthy of seeing the light of a book or website [not that there aren’t a number of other ‘survivors’ who should have probably suffered the same fate]. Anyway, some of these are fun and span many years.

Nature And Nurture

My stack of poems is dwindling down – almost like the words in September Song: “and the days dwindle down to a precious few” and “ the wine dwindles down to a precious brew.” So let’s see if I can brew up some precious words and thoughts about nature, actions and reactions, and some relationship to experience and The Eternal Sea.

Men, Women, And Happiness

Maybe it is a non-starter, an impossible dream, or a complete non-sequitur when one puts men and women together and anticipates that happiness can somehow be yielded. Or, is a real basis for happiness the joining of the two sexes in a truly loving and mutually respectful and mutually supportive relationship?


Creativity, of which poetry and other writings is a part, is not a one-way street. And the experiences and stimuli that engender what gets created are often shared and not just something affecting or relating to the author/creator. Some of what follows I categorized as “incoming.” Love and feelings and perceptions are spoken of and shared. I have taken a few ‘liberties’

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